Tea Time

I see amazing opportunities for photographs every day. Most times I have my camera available. Sometimes not so much. I had my camera when I saw the steam coming off the top of this cup of tea backlit by the sun. I actually played around with the camera angle to get the lens flare into the image. I think it adds a certain something. The cats on the cup were lit with reflective light coming from a window behind me. I really like the feel of this shot. Hope you do too!


Shot with the Fuji X10 and processed in Lightroom 5 and Nik HDR Efex Pro 2.

19 Years old?


So the Hydro One guys came a few weeks ago and trimmed a bunch of trees on my road to prevent them from falling on the Hydro lines during extreme weather.


At the end of my driveway was a beautiful oak tree. They had to cut half of it away. I cut up the pieces for firewood and saw some really cool patterns. It always amazes me how a tree does what it does. It always is sad when such a beautiful thing has to be cut down. Thankfully trees are an amazing renewable resource. I shot these images with My Fuji X10. Processed in Lightroom 5 but converted them to B&W using NIk Silver Efex Pro 2. I love that program. Lets just say I love B&W. Don’t get me wrong though, colour rocks. I think back to all those hours I spent in an actual darkroom processing images, dealing with chemicals, hiding in the dark. I don’t miss that one bit.


Take a look at the rings on this beautiful chunk of wood. I counted 19.

Next time you are outside, walk up to a tree and just place you hand on the trunk. Close you eyes and say “thanks for being there for me”.


Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird


I was outside topping up the bird bath and I noticed a couple of Hummingbird Moths flying around the Butterfly Bush.So I ran in the house and grabbed the old trusty 7-year-old 6 MegaPixel Canon S3 IS. When I got back out and was standing about 2 feet away from the moths a hummingbird buzzed me. It hovered about 6 inches from my ear and then went about its business as usual. I was able to capture these two shots. This is an amazing creature that never ceases to make me smile and appreciate life.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

The photo that got me going again.

I’m really a firm believer in “The camera doesn’t matter”. Sure, I’m always taking a look at new and upcoming equipment. I love technology. I just don’t think having the latest and greatest makes you a better photographer. My blog is going to focus on the images I produce and what I was thinking when I shot them. I will tell you how I imagined  they would turn out and how I processed them. Take a look at the shot below. I shot this one at the Goodrich – Loomis Conservation Area in Northumberland County, Ontario Canada. It was shot hand held with a pretty low shutter speed (1/40 of a sec. at f3.5). This shot made it into a National Geographic book called “Life in Color” and get this, it was shot with a Canon S3 IS 6MP camera. You just never know where a photo might end up. The thing I really like about this shot, along with the amazing colours, is the many animal shapes that show up in the water. I can see an eagle in the gold flow at the top and a diving penguin on the bottom left corner. The big one is the dolphin shape right in the middle. What can you see?


This shot really got me back into photography after a much too long hiatus. My old Nikon FE is now simply a cherished possession. Most of the shots you will see on my portfolio web site were taken with the Canon S3 IS but most of them are with a Fuji X10.

More images to come. In the mean time stop by my portfolio site and take a look around.


Keep shooting.  C.B.



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