Purple and Green

Spring sure has sprung around here. When the Purple Iris show up, tucked away behind the foliage at the end of our driveway, I know it has officially arrived. These guys are spectacular. So…well…flowery. I mean, they have a delicate yet powerful quality to them that makes them special.  This image was taken with my Fuji XT-1 and the 56mm f1.2. That lens totally rocks. I love the bokeh it produces and the narrow depth of field is a lot of fun to play with. Just in case you have never heard of “bokeh” before, it means…the visual quality of the out-of-focus area of a photographic image.




There is just something about a reflected image of earth and sky. Seeing things in a new perspective usually brings new ideas and possibilities. Finding a beautiful spot and capturing the wonder of it all makes me feel good inside. Sharing the images I produce makes me feel even better.



Jelly for the Belly

Orioles love Grape Jelly. We keep this feeder topped up all spring and summer while the Orioles are here. This little guy had no fear as my wife spoons in a fresh supply. Not even waiting for it to drop in the cup this little one began eating right away.

And sorry for being away from the blog for so long. I’m back in action so expect more posts soon.

Jelly in the Belly

Beneath the Canopy

Last year a friend of mine, Kim Zippel, asked me to shoot some photos of the interior of Harper Park in Peterborough Ontario. She needed some images to use for promoting their cause of protecting and restoring this park. 
http://www.harperpark.ca/  Some of the shots were utilized by the Peterborough Examiner newspaper http://www.drewmonkman.com/PDFs/2013-06-20.pdf

Harper Park

See all my shots of the park…  http://craigbogdenphotography.zenfolio.com/p859531288

 I was happy to volunteer my time to help support such a great cause as saving this remarkable oasis of nature.

Since then Kim asked if some of these images could be utilized in a story she was contributing to a book about Urban Forests and Heritage Trees in Peterborough. I was thrilled. It never hurts to be published. Below, you will see the book which was spearheaded by Sheryl Loucks – Beneath the Canopy.    Along with her own impressive talents she brought together quite a bunch of skillful writers and photographers to produce this book showcasing some incredible trees and spaces in Peterborough. Many might take these spaces for granted but most likely don’t even know exist. It is a wonderful reminder of the diversity that Mother Nature presents us, even in big cities. You can order the book from the Green Up web site. 

Beneath the canopy


Grouse in the Winter

I was in the back yard trying to get a picture of a Downy Woodpecker. Over my head, through huge gently falling flakes of snow, I see a large bird flying toward the house.  I hear a thump and spin to take a look. It happened so fast. it was spinning and flapping  so I thought it was a hawk with a dove in its claws bouncing off and over the roof. But, it was this Grouse. It successfully landed in the front yard. It looked a little stunned. I snapped this shot before I got too close. I took a step closer and it started running across the yard. It seemed like it was ok. It sure is a beautiful bird. Really lovely colours.

Has a good story to tell when it gets home.


Green and Blue

What attracts us to barns? Especially old, weathered ones. Not exactly efficient structures when it comes to life in Canada. Well, winter life anyway. It is a post and beam structure with wood boards attached to the outside. And those boards are just left to the elements. Harsh, brutal elements. But it is the elements that turn the boards that distinctive grey. The “Weathered” look that adds to the mystery of the barn. Now, for the mystery. I think what has always attracted me to old barns is the mystery of what is actually inside. Is it filled with hundred year old farm equipment that has been passed down from generation to generation? Is it actually a wood working shop where a master makes hand-made dovetail joints with both precision and beauty? Is there just a bunch of cows, pigs, horses?

Barns are filled with mystery. Like this one. Why are there these different sized windows? Curious. I like this shot because of the blue sky & the green window on the left and the lamp on the right. The icicles remind me of all the weather this barn endured while happily protecting the surprises inside.


Ice is nice.



Just a few more shots I like from the ice storm.



Here’s looking at you…


How the birds survive in this crazy weather astounds me.

DSC_6840 DSC_6882

Ice Storm

Through the stress of what havoc freezing rain can cause there is always some magic attached. Power was out for 8 hours. Not bad considering the mess out there. Recovering from a cold but still managed to see some cool things through the windows.

These Wild Turkeys come every day. My amazing wife sees to it that they always have something to eat. Ice Turkey2The layering of ice on the so delicate branches always makes for some spectacular images.


The layering of ice on the so delicate branches always makes for some spectacular images. Ice Storm

Snow Lollipops

It is Winter. There is snow. There are interesting things to photograph.

My lovely wife said “They look like lollipops”


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