19 Years old?


So the Hydro One guys came a few weeks ago and trimmed a bunch of trees on my road to prevent them from falling on the Hydro lines during extreme weather.


At the end of my driveway was a beautiful oak tree. They had to cut half of it away. I cut up the pieces for firewood and saw some really cool patterns. It always amazes me how a tree does what it does. It always is sad when such a beautiful thing has to be cut down. Thankfully trees are an amazing renewable resource. I shot these images with My Fuji X10. Processed in Lightroom 5 but converted them to B&W using NIk Silver Efex Pro 2. I love that program. Lets just say I love B&W. Don’t get me wrong though, colour rocks. I think back to all those hours I spent in an actual darkroom processing images, dealing with chemicals, hiding in the dark. I don’t miss that one bit.


Take a look at the rings on this beautiful chunk of wood. I counted 19.

Next time you are outside, walk up to a tree and just place you hand on the trunk. Close you eyes and say “thanks for being there for me”.


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