Green and Blue

What attracts us to barns? Especially old, weathered ones. Not exactly efficient structures when it comes to life in Canada. Well, winter life anyway. It is a post and beam structure with wood boards attached to the outside. And those boards are just left to the elements. Harsh, brutal elements. But it is the elements that turn the boards that distinctive grey. The “Weathered” look that adds to the mystery of the barn. Now, for the mystery. I think what has always attracted me to old barns is the mystery of what is actually inside. Is it filled with hundred year old farm equipment that has been passed down from generation to generation? Is it actually a wood working shop where a master makes hand-made dovetail joints with both precision and beauty? Is there just a bunch of cows, pigs, horses?

Barns are filled with mystery. Like this one. Why are there these different sized windows? Curious. I like this shot because of the blue sky & the green window on the left and the lamp on the right. The icicles remind me of all the weather this barn endured while happily protecting the surprises inside.


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