B&W or Colour

I was looking through some older images and came across these two. Two of my favourites. I looked at the colour versions and realized the B&W versions were way better. I guess I appreciate B&W images so much because that is how I got my start in photography. Developing B&W prints in an actual darkroom. How old school is that? Anyway, I sometimes find colours distract from an image. When an image is B&W you look at the composition, the content, the story of the image. That is what draws me to the really cool stuff out there. When I shoot I always have an idea in my mind if it will work B&W or colour.

These two work in B&W.

2012-11-19at 16-25-44-DSCF4531 - Version 2



Now this shot below works in Colour. Not so much in B&W.20120626 Yard and stuff_28 - Version 2

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