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United Way Northumberland Book Launch – We Live Here Vol.2

The new United Way Northumberland – We Live Here Vol.2  book launch was tonight. It was my first interaction with quite a few talented photographers from the Northumberland area. And it is for a great cause.

Here’s to selling out the book!

One great guy made it a point to find me, congratulate me on my photos and ask how long I have been in the Northumberland Photography Club. Funny thing is I’m not in the club. But after meeting Mr. David O’Rourke I certainly plan to check it out. Everyone I met seemed pretty passionate about photography so it looks like a perfect place to both share and learn.

It was cool that they picked 7 of the 10 photos I submitted for the book. The book turned out really great and I want to thank both Stephen Della Casa and Janelle Eisler for making this all happen.

The book is available at the United Way Northumberland office the Woodlawn Inn and at Cornerstone all in Cobourg, Ontario

Book Launch email-

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