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Beneath the Canopy

Last year a friend of mine, Kim Zippel, asked me to shoot some photos of the interior of Harper Park in Peterborough Ontario. She needed some images to use for promoting their cause of protecting and restoring this park.  Some of the shots were utilized by the Peterborough Examiner newspaper

Harper Park

See all my shots of the park…

 I was happy to volunteer my time to help support such a great cause as saving this remarkable oasis of nature.

Since then Kim asked if some of these images could be utilized in a story she was contributing to a book about Urban Forests and Heritage Trees in Peterborough. I was thrilled. It never hurts to be published. Below, you will see the book which was spearheaded by Sheryl Loucks – Beneath the Canopy.    Along with her own impressive talents she brought together quite a bunch of skillful writers and photographers to produce this book showcasing some incredible trees and spaces in Peterborough. Many might take these spaces for granted but most likely don’t even know exist. It is a wonderful reminder of the diversity that Mother Nature presents us, even in big cities. You can order the book from the Green Up web site. 

Beneath the canopy


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