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B&W or Colour

I was looking through some older images and came across these two. Two of my favourites. I looked at the colour versions and realized the B&W versions were way better. I guess I appreciate B&W images so much because that is how I got my start in photography. Developing B&W prints in an actual darkroom. How old school is that? Anyway, I sometimes find colours distract from an image. When an image is B&W you look at the composition, the content, the story of the image. That is what draws me to the really cool stuff out there. When I shoot I always have an idea in my mind if it will work B&W or colour.

These two work in B&W.

2012-11-19at 16-25-44-DSCF4531 - Version 2



Now this shot below works in Colour. Not so much in B&W.20120626 Yard and stuff_28 - Version 2

Pics from Peterborough

I was walking around Peterborough utilizing some free time while my totally awesome wife got her hair spiffied up by Michelle at Burgandy’s Hair Salon Inc. It turned out amazing by the way. I had the camera, as usual, so I took a few shots. The one shot still has the dog from the last post in it. Still waiting. Anyway, the lines in the photo at the bus station turned out pretty cool. I was attracted to the “Free Parking” sign because of the colours and textures. Very cold out there shooting today but some interesting shots resulted.






I saw the owner of this little cutie run into a Hardware store and couldn’t resist grabbing a shot. The anticipation in the posture and the slight tension on the leash say it all. Plus it was friggin cold out. And I don’t know about you but I would rather be in the warm store than sitting on an ice cold sidewalk.



Lines we see every day. Do you use them to stay safe? Or are you simply conditioned to follow them? Do you stay within them? Or venture beyond them?



A tree some clouds and some corn….


Just driving along and spotted this tree with a cool bunch of clouds behind it. Having the camera with me all time sure pays off.Untitled


2012-12-07at 23-18-19-IMG_0016


We have this Barberry shrub that we leave a birdbath under. The Barberry has thousands of thorns on it so it acts as protection for the smaller birds. It is a great spot for the chipmunks to get some water as well. This time of year, as the leaves fall and between water top-ups, there is an interesting mix of colours and textures. The Red of the barberries, in particular, stand out amongst the others.


Morning Miracle

There really is nothing quite like getting up in the morning and seeing a rainbow.  My lovely wife spotted this through the kitchen window. She just happened to be in the right spot at the right time to see this and she called me to come take a look. Rainbows usually don’t last very long so they are always special. This one sure was because we have never seen a rainbow over Rice Lake. Just amazing. I have to say it is a pretty positive way to start the day.


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