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KIling time or using time…

What to you do when you are waiting for your wife to finish her massage? I could have just sat in the truck and vegetated. Maybe listen to music or read a book. I have my camera with me pretty much all the time. Guess what I did?

The lake, the sky, the Cobourg pier, a few seagulls and a man with a camera. Voila.


Toronto Zoo Elephants


I’m not sure which one this is. Iringa, Toka or Thika. I just love this shot. I took it back in 2009. Seeing the elephants at the zoo was always a favourite part of the day. But sad too. It just never felt right seeing these magnificent creatures in such a small space. I am so happy they made the trip to California safely. I hope they have many happy years of warm, stress free life. I guess that is a good wish for anybody.

Ok then. Here is to a warm and stress free life for everybody!



There is something about the colour blue that has always intrigued me. I mean, we all know why the sky is blue. Sunlight hits the Earths’s atmosphere. It gets scattered in every direction bouncing off gases and particles in the air. Each colour travels in a different wavelength. Blue is scattered more because it travels as a smaller, shorter wave. So the sky is blue most of the time. It is my favourite colour and seeing a blue sky when I open the bedroom curtain always make me feel better.



Imagine if you woke up one morning and “Blue” was just gone? Kinda freaky.






Rice Lake in the Morning

Driving through Bewdley today and the lake was calm. The clouds had that certain something. I had my camera. What could possibly go wrong? Remarkably nothing went wrong. Actually everything went right and I captured this image. Or should I say three images. This is a panorama comprised of three separate vertical shots stitched together in Photoshop using Photomerge. I converted the original to B&W to make it all more dramatic.

I like it.



 The trees are in full Fall mode. The air is crisp and the sky is blue. If you can’t already tell, I like days like this. I always have the camera with me.  Shooting always gets me pumped and I came to the realization what my passion means to me. It means I am in my element. It means I am being creative. It means composition, lighting, subject matter, the camera, me, all in sync.

Capturing “the moment” just plain makes me happy. Makes me happy to share these moments with you as well.




Single Maple Leaf


Walking around the yard just taking in the fresh Fall air and thinking about life in general. “Life in general”. Hmm, I wonder where that term originated? 20131015 Maple 2

Love Train (tracks)

I had to add this shot too just to see how the framing works with a colour image compared to the previous B&W photo.

I like it.Love Train 3

Another shot from Peterborough


I was trying to see how this shot would look framed. I made up some borders and came up with this. I think it works pretty well.

Now I have to get this shot printed and framed.
Vertical B&# 3

Out and about


It was a perfect day out there today. About 21 deg C with hardly any wind and wispy clouds. It could stay like this all year and I would be happy.

Got this shot at the end of the driveway.


Took this shot in Peterborough.

20131010-B&W peterborough pano

Bracelet – Lost but found.


Was walking downtown Cobourg a while back and spotted this lost little bracelet. Was wondering if it was being missed at that particular moment. Or was it left behind on purpose? I thought the colour contrast, shadows and differences in textures really made this photo interesting.

This Winnie-the-pooh bracelet was lost but found.


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