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I had an opportunity to shoot some special moments of one of my best buds and his family. Plus I tossed in a few shots of my other best buddies from High School hanging out with him. I love to just sort of blend in and capture real life. Sure, there are a few posed shots in the book but even those have something special. Funny how I hardly get in any pictures. Hmm, I wonder why? But hey, that’s me reflecting in their sunglasses in the picture. Funny. There really are some memorable shots in this book. And being able to share them is what makes what I do as a photographer so special. It is simple. I’m happy when I can make others happy. I mean look at those smiles…

I really like putting stuff like this together. So many people have photos on their phones and they never make it to print. Either as a single print or in a book like this. I think there is really something unique about the tactile feeling flipping through a book of photos that just doesn’t compare to a “thumb flip” on a phone.

If you click on the photo below it will take you to the site that has this new book I recently produced. You can preview the whole thing. And you can see a few other books I put together.

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The McEwan Family Photo Shoot.

Tyler McEwan, asked me to take some family portrait shots. He wanted different. I certainly strive to be different. How many family portraits do you see in a bus shelter? I had a blast shooting and editing these shots. There is a lot more but Tyler needs to see them all before I can post any more. I love the look his son, Keiffer, has in the 1st shot. He thought the TV Show Poster was awesome. Me too. And he has a great smile in the 3rd shot.







I saw the owner of this little cutie run into a Hardware store and couldn’t resist grabbing a shot. The anticipation in the posture and the slight tension on the leash say it all. Plus it was friggin cold out. And I don’t know about you but I would rather be in the warm store than sitting on an ice cold sidewalk.


Boys Night Out…

 Got out with my buds, Joe, Ron and Greg, last Friday. Known them since High School. Had a blast in Kingston. I love these guys. And I love these two shots. The 1st one kills me because of the girl in the back photo bombing. The second one looks like an album cover. I asked people on Facebook to name the band. The best name I saw was, get this, instead of “One Direction” it was “Which Direction”. I was thinking maybe “Where the Hell did we Park?”


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