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Yellow Shopping cart and a Dude up on that Bridge

Walking around Peterborough the other day I came across this poor drowned shopping cart. I don’t know why someone would do that. Shopping carts by nature are not “Bad”. I mean they hold stuff for us in a protected little metal cage while we navigate the many dangers of our favourite stores. They carry the goods out to our cars come rain or shine. I even saw a kid riding inside one the other day with her legs squished sideways due to the big flower-pot that was also there. I wonder what this shopping cart did to deserve such an untimely demise.

Maybe, someday, there will be a way to rescue and resurrect this poor yellow shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

And what the heck? There is a dude on that bridge.

Dude on a Bridge


Lines we see every day. Do you use them to stay safe? Or are you simply conditioned to follow them? Do you stay within them? Or venture beyond them?




2012-12-07at 23-18-19-IMG_0016

Tea Time

I see amazing opportunities for photographs every day. Most times I have my camera available. Sometimes not so much. I had my camera when I saw the steam coming off the top of this cup of tea backlit by the sun. I actually played around with the camera angle to get the lens flare into the image. I think it adds a certain something. The cats on the cup were lit with reflective light coming from a window behind me. I really like the feel of this shot. Hope you do too!


Shot with the Fuji X10 and processed in Lightroom 5 and Nik HDR Efex Pro 2.

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