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Christmas Eve 2015

Green fields. Blue skies. 14 degrees Celsius. Not what you would call an average December 24th in Canada. I’m not complaining mind you. It think this weather just makes things a lot safer for anyone travelling. But, it is always nice to wake up Christmas morning and see the white stuff. Oh well, mother nature is doing her thing.

I was heading out to pick some items up in town today.  On the way I spotted this field on Harwood Road. What grabbed me was the very feathery clouds. I just had to stop and capture a shot. Especially to record what this day was like on this Christmas Eve 2015. I expect some big changes coming with respect to weather very soon. I hope you all had a chance to revel in the oddity of this day. And I sincerely wish you all have a safe, fun filled, too much food and drink, laugh out loud Merry Christmas. (For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas just go ahead and have a great time doing all that stuff anyway.)

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 56mm f4 – 3 image HDR processed in Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 and Adobe Lightroom.

Christmas Eve



There is just something about a reflected image of earth and sky. Seeing things in a new perspective usually brings new ideas and possibilities. Finding a beautiful spot and capturing the wonder of it all makes me feel good inside. Sharing the images I produce makes me feel even better.



Beneath the Canopy

Last year a friend of mine, Kim Zippel, asked me to shoot some photos of the interior of Harper Park in Peterborough Ontario. She needed some images to use for promoting their cause of protecting and restoring this park.  Some of the shots were utilized by the Peterborough Examiner newspaper

Harper Park

See all my shots of the park…

 I was happy to volunteer my time to help support such a great cause as saving this remarkable oasis of nature.

Since then Kim asked if some of these images could be utilized in a story she was contributing to a book about Urban Forests and Heritage Trees in Peterborough. I was thrilled. It never hurts to be published. Below, you will see the book which was spearheaded by Sheryl Loucks – Beneath the Canopy.    Along with her own impressive talents she brought together quite a bunch of skillful writers and photographers to produce this book showcasing some incredible trees and spaces in Peterborough. Many might take these spaces for granted but most likely don’t even know exist. It is a wonderful reminder of the diversity that Mother Nature presents us, even in big cities. You can order the book from the Green Up web site. 

Beneath the canopy


Ice is nice.



Just a few more shots I like from the ice storm.



Here’s looking at you…


How the birds survive in this crazy weather astounds me.

DSC_6840 DSC_6882

Ice Storm

Through the stress of what havoc freezing rain can cause there is always some magic attached. Power was out for 8 hours. Not bad considering the mess out there. Recovering from a cold but still managed to see some cool things through the windows.

These Wild Turkeys come every day. My amazing wife sees to it that they always have something to eat. Ice Turkey2The layering of ice on the so delicate branches always makes for some spectacular images.


The layering of ice on the so delicate branches always makes for some spectacular images. Ice Storm

B&W or Colour

I was looking through some older images and came across these two. Two of my favourites. I looked at the colour versions and realized the B&W versions were way better. I guess I appreciate B&W images so much because that is how I got my start in photography. Developing B&W prints in an actual darkroom. How old school is that? Anyway, I sometimes find colours distract from an image. When an image is B&W you look at the composition, the content, the story of the image. That is what draws me to the really cool stuff out there. When I shoot I always have an idea in my mind if it will work B&W or colour.

These two work in B&W.

2012-11-19at 16-25-44-DSCF4531 - Version 2



Now this shot below works in Colour. Not so much in B&W.20120626 Yard and stuff_28 - Version 2

A tree some clouds and some corn….


Just driving along and spotted this tree with a cool bunch of clouds behind it. Having the camera with me all time sure pays off.Untitled

Morning Miracle

There really is nothing quite like getting up in the morning and seeing a rainbow.  My lovely wife spotted this through the kitchen window. She just happened to be in the right spot at the right time to see this and she called me to come take a look. Rainbows usually don’t last very long so they are always special. This one sure was because we have never seen a rainbow over Rice Lake. Just amazing. I have to say it is a pretty positive way to start the day.


KIling time or using time…

What to you do when you are waiting for your wife to finish her massage? I could have just sat in the truck and vegetated. Maybe listen to music or read a book. I have my camera with me pretty much all the time. Guess what I did?

The lake, the sky, the Cobourg pier, a few seagulls and a man with a camera. Voila.


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